Basic Methods of Foundation Waterproofing

The foundation of your home is its structure and what determines the strength of your home. Whether you are building a home or have an existing home that is not waterproofed, it is important to understand the basic methods of foundation waterproofing for both the interior and exterior of your home.


The exterior of your foundation is the perfect place to start as it can prevent water from seeping into your basement in the first place. This is done with a foundation coating that is applied to the exterior of the foundation that serves as a seal to prevent water from entering your home. After the coating is applied, a drainage board is installed which will carry any water down to the sump pump and away from your home.


The interior of your basement can also benefit from the basic methods of foundation waterproofing by redirecting the water that enters. This method involves installing a drain tile in the footings, which redirects the water to the sump pump and away from your home. This method can help to eliminate the risk of standing water accumulating in your basement, causing structural problems as well as issues in your home. 

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013 in Advice, Blog
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