Types of Foundation Crack Repairs Used by Reputable Contractors

Reputable contractors have several repair options that they will suggest or recommend to you depending on how serious your situation is and what specific circumstances are involved with your foundation crack repairs.

  • With some luck, the cracks won’t be serious. With simple minor cracks in a poured concrete foundation, there is a cheap, quick method contractors use called basement crack injection. In this method, the contractor will use a special solution that is injected into the crack to seal it up.
  • When the foundation is actually beginning to fail, carbon-fiber Kevlar® straps offer a non invasive and effective way to restrengthen your foundation. By using a system of bolts, braces, brackets, leads, and straps, the walls and foundation will be held securely and safely in place.
  • There are still many contractors who practice the old method known as steel I beam reinforcement. It is a proven method that works by taking the load off of the buckling walls, and giving your home a better seat on the foundation.
  • When the foundation and walls have been severely damaged, drastic measures may be called for. In such situations, the reputable contractors will recommend a partial or even full block wall reconstruction to ensure the foundation is as strong as it can be while supporting the home. 
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