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Internal Waterproofing Systems

Internal leakages can be destructive in nature, and if not addressed on time, it will lead to damages as well as health issues of the family members residing in the house. To solve the issue of internal leakages, internal waterproofing is the solution for it.

Reasons why Internal Waterproofing is needed?

Internal waterproofing might be required for many reasons. This method may be the best option for the following circumstances:

  • This method is a more affordable option for houses which are yet to be completed.
  • Internal waterproofing is need water problem occurs due to hydrostatic pressure problem and not the general foundation leakages. In hydrostatic pressure problem, the water surfaces from the ground due to rise and fall in the levels of the water. This water seeps through the floor slabs or where the floor meets the wall.
  • The affected area cannot be reached from exterior due to lack of space.

A cure for Molds and Acts as an Air purifier

People are not aware that how deadly mold growth can be. Everyone should take extra caution when there are floods and water leakages. These can lead to the growth of mold. Molds can spread rapidly in a matter of 24 to 48 hours.

It can destroy the wall on which it grows by weakening it. Apart from physical damage, mold can be very harmful to human health. It releases allergens and toxic substances which can lead to allergic reactions when touched or inhaled.

People with respiratory medical conditions are likely to be affected more if they inhale poor quality air produced by these molds. Molds only need 3 things to grow, i.e., moisture, air, and dust. Since air and dust are always around us, it cannot be controlled. But the only thing which can be controlled is the moisture part. If there are any water leakages, then it should be solved immediately.

How can we help?

To deal with the issue of water leakages and molds, our internal waterproofing solution might just be the answer to your problems. Our experts suggest the following ways of internal waterproofing:

  • Internal Drainage Systems:In this method, our experts will build a drainage system inside the house. This will allow the water to travel to a specific point where it can be discharged.Internal waterproofing solutions have a lot of benefits, and now the water will have a designated path through which it can be intercepted and discharged at a safe point.
  • Installing Sump pumps:These pumps can sense if there is any water accumulation. If it is, then it triggers the pump, and the water is ejected out of the house.


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At Pioneer Waterproofing we believe in providing quality services rather than just getting the job done for the sake of it. Our team comprises of experts and qualified professionals who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field. We aim to provide quality services at affordable rates. For us, your satisfaction acts as our sense of achievement.